Exotic Wood Creations
By Matt Schulz
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“Matt Schulz is a consummate artist. His furniture, boxes, and bowls splendidly integrate beauty with function. Intuitively,  Schulz
combines the color of tropical woods and the pattern of grain to delight the eye and invite the touch.  In an age of industrial, mass-produced
pieces, Schulz’s lovingly hand-worked wood remains unrivalled.” Gary H. Brodsky, Ph.D.I

“I have worked with Matt for over five years as the owner of an artisan shop which includes handcrafted American made products, and
have also worked with Matt on design and implementation of hand crafted wood products. Matt is meticulous, creative and very easy to
work with. His attention to detail and care in execution is inherent in everything he does. His works are truly heirloom crafts that will
withstand the test of time for years to come."  Karin Bennett, Owner Of The Cornerstone Shoppe, Lake Geneva, WI

"Matt is a true artisan.  He has a natural talent for blending different woods to create beautifully unique pieces. He has created pieces ranging
from a queen size bed, to tables, to Adirondack chairs, to jewelry boxes, boxes to be used for cremation urns, bowls of various sizes, and
picture frames.  He specializes in using exotic woods and doing beautiful inlays. I have purchased several of his pieces and am always
impressed by the consistent beauty and workmanship of his pieces.  They are all without a doubt amazing works of art."  Lynne Swatek,
Elkhorn, WI

"Thank you for taking time to understand every detail of my specific request on the custom cabinet doors.  The finished product was exact to
my specifications and I am extremely happy with the end result.  I look forward to working with you again on my next custom wood project
and I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family.  Thanks again on your superior craftsmanship.”  D. Riesen, Milwaukee, WI

"Matt has designed and handcrafted several pieces of furniture for us as well as picture frames and boxes.  We provide dimensions,
color/wood choices, and thoughts as to function and appearance.  He takes it from there and designs a piece that is a "one of a kind" work of
art. His craftsmanship is excellent and he has creative design ideas.  His use of exotic woods enhance his work with unique visual texture and
color. He are always excited and surprised with the pieces he builds and have never been disappointed with the work he has done for us."
Dennis W. Schulz. Delavan, WI

"My hand-crafted linen chest is a perfect example where function and beauty collide. It is truly a work of art that I am able to see and use
every day."   Chris Hartman, Chicago, IL

"Matt's masterful artistry in the transformation of exotic woods into keepsake pieces is incredibly breathtaking.  We absolutely treasure our
bowl for both its functionality and beauty."  -- Eileen & Dale Grzenia , Ekhorn, WI

"I have had several pieces made by Matt and was greatly pleased with his work. Back in March my father passed away and I had Matt make
me one of his urns for my dads ashes. Everyone at his funeral were impressed with craftsmen ship and beauty as well as I was and my
family."  Mr.& Mrs. William Fry, Briggsville, WI

"Along the years we have had the opportunity to view Matt's many talents.  I have purchased several inlaid wood boxes and inlaid wood
clocks from Matt for Christmas presents for clients and co-workers.  Not only is the detail in these pieces incredible, they were reasonably
priced and extremely well received.  To visit the Schulz home is truly a site.  Every room in the house has a spattering of beautiful and
intricate pieces of Matt's art. We have a very old house where there is not one corner that is a right angle, not one wall is flush or plumb.  We
have an unusual space that we wanted to place a desk and had shopped countless hours to see if we would find something that would work.  
We asked Matt to come over and take a look and give us an idea.  Within a very short time, he came back with a plan and got to work.  
During a short vacation last spring, Matt installed our desk.  Not only does the desk look unbelievable, he did an amazing job of
camouflaging the very uneven surfaces behind and under the desk. The desk is not only one of the best investments we have made in our
home, it is one of those wonderful pieces of furniture that will last a lifetime."  Amy Giovannoni, Elkhorn, WI